About Us

    CTB Advisory prides itself on providing services that: simplify your life, save you time and/or money and give you peace of mind so that you can focus more on the lifestyle that is important to you.

    You may find us a little more laid back than most accountants. We like to practice what we preach, believe in speaking in plain English and enjoying our work environment. This means we can focus more on our clients than on how we look.

    Embracing change and technology, CTB Advisory is servicing clients throughout Australia. No matter where you are located, North, South, East or West, Regional or Capital City, there are no geographic boundaries anymore.

    We make things simple by providing you with an up front fixed price, charged monthly by direct debit. This allows you to have certainty of your fees but also the ability to ask for our advice whenever you require it.

    Large enough to have specialist knowledge and skills but small enough to be able to offer the service that everyone wants, CTB Advisory is the ideal partner for you and your business.

    Real Experience

    The partners of the CTB Advisory team have deep commercial experience from working in companies, small, medium and large.

    Whilst many professional accountants have only one perspective - our partners, having worked both in professional practice and commercial enterprises, bring something else to the table.

    The benefits to our clients of this experience are direct and tangible. Not just an accounting solution, but a business solution, CTB Advisory will work with you to find an up to the minute, real world solution for you.

    Our collective experience and knowledge enables us to help in the most demanding and challenging times of your business and daily life.

    Meet the Partners

    Rick Hipwood
    Daniel Hill
    Erik Hipwood